Decades in the making

ROCO represents the finest in Oregon winemaking — with storied bottles and humbling accolades. It’s a 30-year history of devotion to craft.

In 1987, Rollin Soles purchased a breathtaking hillside property down a gravel road in the Chehalem Mountain Range. The property’s perfect combination of elevation, soil type, natural springs, and geological aspect were the seed of a dream that would eventually become ROCO Winery.

How it all came together

For nearly fifteen years, the Soles’ property remained a mostly wild landscape used for a variety of farming endeavors. Rollin was making wine at Argyle, his previous venture, and Corby was busy serving in a number of executive positions in the Oregon wine industry. But as the years wore on, the property’s southwestern exposure and diverse soils begged for the Soles to realize their dream: a vineyard of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay sloping toward the creek below, the Chehalem Valley beyond, and Oregon’s Coast Range in the distance.

In 2001, Rollin and Corby planted Wits’ End Vineyard and began bringing the idea of ROCO to fruition. Two years later, they produced their first vintage of Private Stash Pinot Noir—showcasing the very best of Rollin’s small-lot winemaking skills in a bottle that was eventually served in the White House. Building on their success, in 2009, the Soles built ROCO its own winery and added a tasting room in 2012. In 2013, Rollin expanded Wits’ End Vineyard and transitioned to full-time focus on ROCO to keep pace with its growing prestige and demand.

Today, Wits’ End Vineyard remains the heart and soul of ROCO wines. ROCO Private Stash and Wits’ End Vineyard Pinot Noirs derive exclusively from these vines—and serve as Rollin and Corby’s testament to the beauty of place, their devotion to family and friends, and their commitment to Oregon winemaking at its finest.

Know your ROCO

ROCO is [rock-ō]
Named for Rollin and Corby Soles

Our logo

The ROCO thunderbird logo represents an ancient petroglyph discovered in the Columbia River Gorge before the river was dammed. The thunderbird captures the wild essence and intriguing history of the Pacific Northwest and ROCO wines.

Rollin Soles, Owner & Winemaker

Born and raised in Texas, Rollin has been making exemplary Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Oregon for the last three decades. Those close to him know him as a painstaking practitioner of the winemaking craft, with an exceptional eye for detail in harvesting, crushing, and fermentation. And the results are in.

Rollin’s wines have been named among the Top 100 Wines of the World by Wine Spectator thirteen times, a distinction matched by no other Oregon winemaker. His very first ROCO vintage was poured in the White House. And in 2013, he was named one of the “20 Most Admired Winemakers in North America” by Vineyard & Winery Management magazine.

Rollin made his way to Oregon after winemaking stints in California, Switzerland, Washington, and Australia. Once in the Willamette Valley, he co-founded the prestigious Argyle winery and led its winemaking program for twenty-five years. In 2001, along with his wife Corby Stonebraker-Soles, he set out on a new path with the founding of ROCO Winery and the planting of its estate Wits’ End Vineyard. Today, ROCO is his full time work.

Rollin received a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from Texas A&M and a master’s degree in enology and viticulture at the University of California at Davis. His deep scientific background along with an abiding love of research and learning allows him to consistently unlock the potential of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes and raise the bar for what Oregon wine can be.

Rollin Soles

Corby Stonebraker-Soles, Owner & Business Manager

Raised in Chicago, Corby moved to Arizona for college, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism in preparation for eventual work as a writer and editor in California. Then, in the mid-1980s, she headed north with one thing on her mind: Oregon wine. Right away, she contributed a needed sense of strategic vision to the fledgling wine industry as part of the second wave of young entrepreneurs arriving in the Willamette Valley.

Corby co-owned Panther Creek Cellars in its early years and was a founding board member of the now-famous International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC). She served as the executive director of IPNC for two years, and was responsible for the early marketing efforts of the Yamhill County Wineries Association as its managing director.

When Corby sold her partnership stake in Panther Creek in 1992, she began a nine-year stint as the executive director of a regional arts center in Corvallis, Oregon. But once the kids completed high school, Corby and Rollin returned to live in wine country at their Chehalem Mountains property. Back again in Yamhill County, Corby helped plant the Wits’ End Vineyard, build ROCO its own winery, and develop the ROCO brand. In her down time, she set up a studio to continue her work as a glass artist. Today, Corby oversees all aspects of ROCO Winery business and marketing.

Rollin and Corby

Kelly Karr, Direct Sales Manager

A native Vermonter, Kelly moved to Oregon directly after college lured by the burgeoning food and wine industries of the 1990s. She initially put her journalism degree to work at regional wine and food publications, while also working weekends in the tasting room at Erath Winery. Shortly after, she joined Chehalem Winery as their Direct Sales Manager for nine years. Kelly then took a similar position for Scott Paul Wines, where she sold Oregon Pinot Noir, as well as Burgundy and Grower Champagne, for the next ten years. Kelly joined the ROCO team in the Fall 2016 as the Direct Sales Manager. She’s most apt to be the one to host you in the tasting room, and manages all aspects of ROCO’s wine clubs.

Jarod Sleet, Assistant Winemaker

Jarod was raised in Central Kentucky, but moved to Oregon in 2002 after hearing about the states’ beauty and outdoor activities. After moving, Jarod attended culinary school to become a cook and often created his own recipes. His passion for food led to his love for wine. In 2008, he had the opportunity to work a vintage at Cana’s Feast Winery. Harvest soon became his favorite part of the wine industry with its high energy, fast pace and opportunity to meet new people from around the world. Jarod soon decided that winemaking was his future and went on to get a degree in Viticulture and Enology at Oregon State University in 2013. He thought it was important to not only learn how to make wine but to also understand how the grapes are grown.

After graduating, Jarod became a vineyard/lab intern at Archery Summit Winery. Then in 2014, he joined Argyle Winery as a cellar assistant. He looked up to Rollin during the three years at Argyle and when the opportunity came to work directly with Rollin, he took it. In 2017, Jarod joined the ROCO crew as their assistant winemaker.

Lucia Walker, Regional Sales Manager

Lucia is an Oregon native and grew up in the wine industry. She gained ground up exposure to fine wines and the importance given to retaining relationships within the wine industry. After studying Italian language & business at the University of Oregon, she began her career at Lemma Wine Company, a 45 year-old Portland wine distributor. Lucia has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all capacities a wine distributorship has to offer including brand management, wine education and sales.