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4 10, 2016

TMI: ROCO’s RMS Sparkling Wine

Every wonder why or how a sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir grapes ends up as a white wine or how the wine continues to bubble in your glass? Listen to Rollin Soles explain this during this blog on ROCO’s new RMS sparkling wine.  Taste the 2013 RMS Sparkling Wine with Rollin. Understand what you should look for when tasting [...]

30 06, 2016

TMI: ROCO’s Oregon Chardonnay

No one makes Oregon Chardonnay quite like Rollin Soles. ROCO’s Chardonnays are luscious without being oily or oaky.  Yes the scores have been consistently high but you can’t always rely on scores, YOU need to taste the wines. Discover for yourself what you like and don’t like about Oregon Chardonnay. 2014 was the first year Rollin produced three different Chardonnays, [...]

28 06, 2016

TMI: “TMI from ROCO” Begins

Ok, we’re BLOGGING. We say that with a heavy sigh because there’s a fair amount of responsibility involved with keeping information timely, fresh and intelligent. Here you’ll find videos of the winemaker providing often times geeky information on the vineyard, soils, geology, cloning and more. Further, he’ll share harvest, blending, info on barrel selection, base wine, winemaking decision and even [...]

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