Ok, we’re BLOGGING. We say that with a heavy sigh because there’s a fair amount of responsibility involved with keeping information timely, fresh and intelligent. Here you’ll find videos of the winemaker providing often times geeky information on the vineyard, soils, geology, cloning and more. Further, he’ll share harvest, blending, info on barrel selection, base wine, winemaking decision and even walk through a tasting with you.  Be forewarned that there may be wit, bad jokes and gratuitous poor language involved.  He’s uncontrollable- we’ve tried.  So buck up and turn it off if it’s annoying – we do.

AND if you have a topic you want Rollin to discuss please contact us at info@rocowinery.com. Enter BLOG Topic in the subject line.

Let’s walk into the vineyard with Rollin in the Vineyard at Wits’ End.