RMS is a Crowning Achievement for Rollin Soles

Visionary from the beginning, ROCO winemaker Rollin Soles came to Oregon in 1986 with a radical idea: To prove, from the ground up, that the Willamette Valley is the New World’s premier sparkling wine region. He believed this marine-influenced landscape north of the 45th parallel could grow the crisp, fresh-fruited Pinot Noir and Chardonnay needed to produce world-class sparkling wine in the tradition of Champagne. So he rolled up in a square-back ’68 Volkswagen as a 30 year-old dreamer and built the state’s first and largest sparkling-wine production facility. Now more than three decades into this craft, he has the most experience of any winemaker in the region with Oregon bubbles. ROCO’s signature RMS Brut and RMS Brut Rosé showcase the excellence made possible by hard-won experience and relentlessly big ideas.

ROCO Bubbles